7 Reasons to let us host your DRAMS system

If your existing IT hardware is becoming old, or you are faced with having to buy a server for the first time, have you considered switching from on-site servers to hosted servers in a secure environment that you don’t have to worry about? Increasing numbers of organisations are choosing external hosting services as a simple way to replace ageing infrastructure with modern, reliable servers administered by external experts.

Interested? Here are seven reasons why you should be:

1. Reduce cost

While technology changes often incur cost, moving to a hosted solutions actually allows you to save time and money by reducing the internal resource required for IT infrastructure management. Organisations can access the latest technology without replacing obsolete hardware, and there’s no risk of compromised efficiency through outdated technology. And if physical space is an issue, bear in mind that it’s even possible to free up office space in this way.

2. Security

Hosting presents a valuable opportunity to increase security and business continuity, with secure data backup options, as well as system monitoring and management; patch management; and security audits and updates.

3. Integration

Adopting a hosting approach creates multiple opportunities for integration between your back office systems – and easy integration at that. MS Office is provided as part of the service as many DRAMS screens can be imported to Excel.

4. Easier upgrades

When all your technology lives in one place it is much easier to make changes and install upgrades – and you only need do it once, rather than two or three times as may have been the case in the past. There’s often a significant cost reduction here too, since some organisations end up paying two sets of fees for system upgrades: one from their software provider and another from an IT provider.

5. Disaster recovery

Investing in hosting solutions also means investing in data back-up and disaster recovery solutions. This saves time and helps avoid potentially significant up-front investment costs. It also protects your data and systems from the very real IT risks out there: including cyber threats, natural disasters and human error. Using hosting services means your sensitive and business critical data and applications are protected; more so than if they were run via a traditional on-premise server model.

6. Partner with technology experts

IT systems can be complicated and challenging to maintain effectively. By partnering with a hosting expert you can ensure your provider uses their expertise to ensure maximum benefit from your technology, while reducing internal staff and IT costs for your business. We can take care of your systems; so you don’t have to.

7. It’s easier than you think

We copy the data, set up and test the hosting environment, then perform a final migration of your data when you’re ready to go-live. Simple!


Just two or three of the benefits listed here should be enough to convince many organisations to move their business onto a hosting platform – away from all the expense and security risk of local ICT infrastructure. If you identify with four or more then it’s really time to consider moving to a hosted environment.

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