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During this year’s DRAMS User Group we demoed a number of product updates and feature enhancements.  A full summary of the new features added to the core DRAMS system can be found below.

For more information about these updates or to request training on a particular item, contact a member of our team.

Warehouse Space Report

This new report shows all empty space within a selected range of warehouses, detail both the total cask quantity and distribution of the spirits contained within the warehouse(s).

In the case of Tequila producers can be run using spirit classification rather than spirit type.

With the ability to export this report to Excel, users are provided with a visual representation of the selected warehouse layout which can be colour-coded to better depict space utilisation   and spirit distribution.

Available in update: 04.32.03

Stock Reports

There have been two updates to the Stock Reports functionality in core DRAMS.

Firstly, this report can now be run with non-wood cask types (i.e Vats). Secondly, a new report sequence has been provided; ‘By spirit, by age year’.

Available in update: 04.33.00

Stock Take Reports

When completing a stock take, DRAMS compares a previous snapshot of inventory data with the new stock take, producing a report with the identified discrepancies in the two data sets.

With this update, the existing Stock Take Only report has been updated to display the last known DRAMS location details of stock found within the snapshot, allowing users to more easily investigate and assisting in the overall inventory reconciliation process.

 Available in update: 04.27.00

Blend Request Screen

The update to the Blend Request Screen has been designed to provide users with a new method of selecting stock when creating a Blend Request.

This option allows users to target a specific warehouse when selecting stock to include within a blend request. Selecting a parcel within this screen and clicking Warehouse Enquiry, the users can view other parcels stowed within the same level. This additional function can assist in the stock selection process, potentially helping to choose more easily accessible stock.

Available in update: 04.27.01

Location Transfer Functionality Update

This update allows Location Transfers to be completed for two or more owners within a single transaction.

Available in update: 04.33.01

Annual Warehouse Cost Update

This new transaction can be used by customers who have a adopted a price per litre costing model within DRAMS and has been designed to provide users with an alternative method of updating inventory value.

Users can select stock to be updated using a number of filter options available, including filling dates, cask type and location. Once the range of stock to be updated has been defined, DRAMS will calculate the total litres of alcohol which applies to the search criteria. The user must specify a total warehousing cost value which should be spread evenly across the stock selection defined. By executing the transaction, DRAMS will equally dispersing the increase in value across the selected stock.

Reports can be produced which compare the previous inventory cost against the newly calculated cost.  

Available in update: 04.34.03

TTB Mail Merge Reporting Options

Previously, the TTB reporting options in DRAMS were limited to summary and detailed reports. This update allows for the approved TTB report format to be created within DRAMS as a template, allowing the report to be completed with the appropriate values each time the report is run.

This update eliminates the need for users to complete the TTB reports manually.

Available in update: 04.35.00

Tequila Specific Updates

Batch Parcel Additions

This update allows users to associate Cask IDs with casks without the use of the Wood Management Module. A spreadsheet upload function will allow the users to define the cask tag IDs filled within a filling operation, with DRAMS automatically updating parcels with the appropriate information.

These screens have also been updated to include the CRT certification field as well as a Classification field which allows users to select the intended or planned classification

Available in update: 04.32.00

Bay Estiba Enquiry

A new enquiry screen has been created which provides a visual representation of the Estiba and its contents.

This enquiry screen can be used to run a variety of detailed queries which visually displays details such as:

  • Cask IDs
  • Batch Numbers (if the casks are currently filled)
  • Number of times each cask has been filled
  • Usability of each cask

This enquiry screen can be colour-colour coded to better highlight required details, such as the fill status of each barrel within the Estiba. This report can also be exported to Excel.

Available in update: 04.31.00

Classification Assignment at Dumping

An update to the Despatch to Operations screen now only provides users with the Classification options relevant to the age of the spirit selected for dumping.

Available in update: 04.32.00


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