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We have previously covered the importance of having a wide range of influences on product development. At DRAMS we believe a major reason our products are successful is that we are fortunate to be able to draw upon a range of expertise when developing our products. Perhaps most importantly, we place huge value on not only working with our customers, but on enabling customers to work together. We believe this cross pollination among clients – along with our own industry experts, of course – creates an incredibly vibrant innovation melting pot.

However, we also like to think that Trapeze is uniquely positioned to supplement these ideas with those of our own. As a part of Volaris Group we have hundreds of sister organisations operating in different software vertical markets across the globe. Though each sector is unique in many ways, history has shown time and again that geography and industries are no barriers to great ideas. This is why we place great emphasis on internal knowledge sharing across our businesses.

Finally, having great ideas is one thing, but you also need genuine commitment to making them real. This is why we have invested in our Innovation Lab: a group of talented developers solely focused on conceiving and developing the next generation of products which will support our customers.

But while this is a nice story, does it actually work? As an example, our Long Term Planning product was created with input from more than eight customer organisations. Add in the Trapeze staff who designed and developed a solution based on that input, and you have a product which was borne from the minds of more than 20 genuine industry experts.

If you would like to contribute to the innovation melting pot, our next DRAMS User Group should be a great opportunity, so please do some along if you can. If not, or if you would like to learn more about how we innovate or anything else covered in this blog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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