DRAMS Business Intelligence

 Bringing advance analytics and real-time reporting to the distillery industry, we’re launching the DRAMS BI module.

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Business Intelligence in the Spirits Industry

From inventory details, barcode scanning transactions, planned tanker movements, cask filling operations, cooperage activities, and empty wood balance; distillery data is produced in an endless stream. 

Business Intelligence (BI) tools harness this raw distillery data and transform it into actionable insights which can be used to inform a distilleries strategic and tactical decision making. Going beyond standard reporting capabilities, BI tools can be used to:

Improve Performance &

Inform the Long-Term Business Strategy

Empower Proactive Decision Making

Reduce the Time Spent
Compiling Reports

DRAMS Business Intelligence

Providing access to an extensive supply of standard reporting widgets and dashboards as well as the custom report building tool, DRAMS BI has something for everyone.


Access the information needed to ensure ongoing delivery is aligned with planned objectives and any issues preventing this are highlighted and addressed.

Spirit Supply 

Meet long-term strategic and short-term supply goals by leveraging spirit inventory data and tracking current production trends. 

Senior Management 

Plot insights over time to ensure that distillery performance remains aligned with long-term objectives and that team and plant utilisation remains effective.

Example Dashboards & Use Cases

To showcase how DRAMS BI can be used to address common distillery challenges we’ve put together a selection of example dashboards and use cases.

Spirit Shortfalls

Track spirit production levels month by month and compare essential inventory figures in order to ensure the volume of spirit laid down now is enough to satisfy future demand.

Missing Finishing Casks

Monitor empty wood balances and barrel fill volumes to ensure end-product targets can be met.

Lost Inventory

The immediate identification of  barrels incorrectly returned to storage allows warehouse operators to make corrective actions  before inventory items become permanently lost.

Managing Rejected Barrels

Ensure rejected barrels are correctly returned to storage and investigate the root cause of their mistaken selection.

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