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Managing your maturing spirit stock

DRAMS for Maturing Spirits

DRAMS has been specifically designed to support the management of maturing spirit stock held in casks and stored in warehouses. DRAMS is unrivalled when it comes to managing stock movement (casks, tanks, road tankers, IBCs etc.); warehouse management (stock location & warehouse vacuity); blending /mingling; customs reporting (e.g. HMRC and TTB); and interfaces with financial and ERP solutions.

Is DRAMS right for you?

If you are involved with the production and management of maturing spirit then DRAMS is most definitely the solution for you! DRAMS gets involved when new spirit is produced (or purchased), managing processes through the maturation process until the spirit is released for bottling (or sold on). Additionally, DRAMS is extremely scalable: we cater for clients managing stock holdings in the range of 10,000 to several million barrels.

If you manage fewer than 10,000 barrels then you may find that some of DRAMS’ advanced functionality is not essential for your organisation. However, we are always looking to increase the scope of our solution, and it is possible that in the future we could consider developing a solution specifically for smaller spirit producers; if you would like to be kept abreast of developments in this area then please let us know using the form below.


Maturing spirits ideally suited to DRAMS

  • Scotch whisky (including malt, grain and blends)
  • American whiskey (including Rye, Bourbon)
  • Canadian whisky
  • Irish whiskey
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Brandy
  • Port

DRAMS around the world

UK & Republic of Ireland

  • DRAMS holds details for each individual cask, including cask number, litres contained in each cask, and the exact location in the warehouse
  • DRAMS reports provide key information for monthly customs and excise requirements; and SWA (Scotch Whisky Association) analysis
  • Storing of third party stock is common in Scotland; DRAMS produces warehouse rental invoices to help in this process, as well as invoices and backup paperwork relating to trade deals between whisky companies
  • DRAMS can hold blend recipes and help in the selection of casks for disgorging and vat blending operations

North America

  • DRAMS can hold inventory at a batch level, rather than tracking individual barrels – both models are available for the US Market
  • DRAMS tracks the proof gallons in the barrels and tanks; produces reports required for the TTB; and also provides despatch documentation
  • For inventory valuation purposes DRAMS can cater for content, carrying and depreciation cost components
  • DRAMS can hold recipes to help in the blending/mingling process; these can be configured in different ways and can include year and season

Rum Market

  • DRAMS can be configured to hold inventory at batch, pallet or individual barrel level
  • DRAMS can cater for proof gallons or litres of alcohol and can be used to provide key information for monthly government reports as well as providing despatch documentation
  • Refill operations are easily accommodated; and DRAMS can even provide a guide to expected quantities to come out of maturing inventory
  • DRAMS can hold recipes to help in the blending process including component vat blending

Tequila Market

  • In addition to the core functionality, DRAMS can hold the CRT number (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) against a batch of barrels
  • DRAMS can cater for spirit reclassification, for example Reposado to Añejo

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