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Your Challenges:

  • Ensuring consistency and quality of product over time
  • Managing blend recipes and recipe changes while understanding the value of stock
  • Finding alternative blend components in the event of shortages
  • Understanding the history of each cask
  • Reserving and allocating spirit stocks to meet future demand
  • Managing blends for third parties

I know where every spirit is, how it’s maturing, and how it fits into the bigger picture… this plays a crucial role in future blends

Rab Sorman, Whisky Stocks and Blending Manager, Glenmorangie

The DRAMS solution:

DRAMS enables Master Distillers and Blenders to focus time on ensuring every product is of the same exceptional quality. DRAMS reduces the burden of worrying about secure blend recipe storage, and blend requests convert your needs into clear instructions for the warehouse team to select the exact casks required for each batch. In the event of problems – such as a cask found leaking or empty – it is easy to find and select a suitable alternative.

Crucially, DRAMS is expandable and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and working processes. For example, our integrated scanning solution (DRAMScan) ensures stock is scanned both when selected and again before being dumped, thereby ensuring ‘rogue’ casks are not accidentally selected, and avoiding expensive mistakes. Additionally, you can plan decades ahead with our Long Term Planning module, which provides advance warning of any anticipated stock shortages or surpluses when compared alongside your sales forecasts. DRAMS records all losses and gains, and calculates maturation losses so you don’t need to work out the contents of casks after maturation.

An Interview with Ron Welsh, Beam Suntory

“Everything we do is focused on what we will need in the future. I oversee spirit quality for new and maturing inventory; current and future spirit production requirements; and the cask purchasing plan for our filling policy – all ensuring Beam can continue to meet future demand.”

The Modern Master Blender

Distilleries today balance craft alongside the modern reality of vast warehouses, contemporary machinery, and processes akin to chemical engineering.

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