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The Modern Master Blender

Brendan Flood, Director of Distillery Systems at DRAMS, explores the changing role of master blenders in today’s competitive market While many whisky drinkers like to imagine that their dram has been produced with strict adherence to centuries of...

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An Interview with… Ron Welsh, Beam Suntory

We were delighted when Beam Suntory master blender and strategic inventory manager Ron Welsh agreed to have a chat with us. Not only is Ron great company; he’s also fascinating to talk with due to his vast industry experience and the high level of...

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Key Question: How to keep track of distillery stocks

In order for producers of spirits to consistently produce high-quality spirits, managers must be able to track distillery stocks and effectively handle the holding of all cased stock from its initial filling or receipt until it is removed from the...

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The DRAMS Guide to Cask Scanning and Labelling

As you are probably aware, the use of scanning solutions to record barrel movements is becoming increasingly common. Many DRAMS customers already use this technology – and with the potential for tighter process control and increased efficiency and accuracy of stock...

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The DRAMS Guide to Cask Scanner Hardware

If you are considering implementing a scanning solution, you may be wondering about the type of cask scanner to adopt. ‘Intrinsically safe’ cask scanners (more on this later) can cost thousands of pounds per device, so clearly it is important to make the right choice...

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