DRAMS offers an integrated solution for streamlining the various processes associated with the management of bulk stocks.

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The DRAMS Solution

Operations with an inventory holding of up to 50,000 barrels, have a choice between the DRAMS Warehousing Solution and the complete Distillery Management Solution.

Warehousing Distillery Management
Barrel Inventory Addition
Tracking of cask positions
Analysis of warehouse vacuity
Calculation of rent accrual
Barrel Regauging
Barrel Barrel Allocation
Barrel Despatch
Ownership Transfers (incl. sales invoicing)
Inventory Valuation
HMRC/TTB Reporting
Bulk Spirit Receipts/Movements
Tanker Management
Barrel Filling
Vat/Tank Movements
Blend/End-Recipe Management
Contract Filling Analysis
Incident Recording
Financial Interface

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DRAMS Features

DRAMS offers solutions for streamlining the various processes associated with the management of bulk stocks.


There is an extensive range of well over 100 reports available within the core DRAMS solution that have been developed over the years in partnership with our customers.
Within the system, several of these reports can be produced in various formats including summary, detailed or templated. The templated reports allow users to export data from the DRAMS solution directly into a pre-configured spreadsheet or into a formatted document, as is the case with the customs reporting for HMRC and the TTB.
Some of the Reports available within the core DRAMS solution include:

  • Inventory Reports – Valuation reports, monthly breakdowns, Inventory analysis.
  • Customer Reports – Inventory certificates, customer analysis.
  • Customs Reports – W returns, WOWGR analysis, TTB reports.
  • Transaction Reports – Additions, despatches, transfers, price changes.
  • Operational Reports – Picking Lists, call forwards, maturation loss analysis.
  • Invoices – New fillings, warehouse rentals, handling charges, mature sales.

Additional reporting capabilities are also available within the DRAMS Business Intelligence module.

Bulk Inventory Management

DRAMS is an all-encompassing management system for bulk spirits, overseeing the entire process from initial receipt to the final despatch for bottling. It accommodates a variety of receipt scenarios, such as spirits from stills, road tankers, or barrels already filled. DRAMS tracks and documents spirit transfers between vessels, and identifies any volume discrepancies during these movements, ensuring precise traceability.

Additionally, DRAMS streamlines logistical tasks by automating all dispatch documentation, including for location transfers and customer or company inventory despatches. This automation prevents the need for manual paperwork, boosting both accuracy and efficiency.

DRAMS also facilitates other inventory management activities, including recording vessel regauge values, documenting changes in inventory ownership or rental details and adjusting inventory valuations.

Barrel Inventory Management

DRAMS can be used to keep track of all inventory owned by the holding company at any location, whether the location is owned by the holding company or a third party. The system can also be used to track third party inventory at locations owned by the holding company.  Each barrel is recorded within the DRAMS system with a unique ID number and for each inventory item, DRAMS records details such as the age, type, volume, value, vessel type and ownership of the spirit. Easy to use enquiry screens allow users to search for inventory by any number of the different criteria held against the record.

To support legal minimum age requirements and age statements on bottled products, DRAMS tracks and calculates the spirit age of all inventory items based on the principles of AYS (Age of Youngest Spirit). The system also enables users to track the estimated maturation loss of each inventory item over time. A number of calculation methods are available within the system to cater to the requirements of different geographies, climates, vessel types and maturation period, providing greater accuracy and control over the inventory data.

In addition to tracking the contents of each barrel, the DRAMS solution also tracks barrel location data, individually or on pallets, with the exact position of every barrel stored, down to the height of a pallet within a specific stack in a warehouse lane, or the relative position of a single barrel within a level in a rack.

Warehouse Management

The DRAMS system provides control over multi-location, multi-warehouse environments, providing a detailed overview of all inventory and the location of every barrel. For each warehouse, DRAMS enables users to maintain detailed specification data within the system, including information such as capacity, storage type (i.e., palletised, racked, dunnage/stacked, etc.) and layout.

The DRAMS system maintains up-to-date records of overall of warehouse space usage, showing inventory distribution and vacuity via visual reports. DRAMS also has a number of reports which can be used to support the process of reconciling physical inventory counts with the inventory records held within the system, a feature which can drastically reduce the amount of time and resource required to complete a stock-take or physical inventory count, enabling the process the be completed on a regular basis and improving data reliability and integrity.

DRAMS can also be used to determine warehouse rental costs, whether for inventory stored at third-party sites or for rental income from inventory at owned locations.

DRAMS Services

Our Services

3rd Party Integrations
Custom interfaces can be developed for all external solutions including ERP, financial, SCADA or filling systems.
Bespoke Development
Customise the DRAMS solution to meet your exact specifications and functionality requirements with our custom development services.
DRAMS experienced team are available to provide a variety of services, supporting you to evaluate your processes and systems requirements; providing recommendations based on industry best practices.
Implementation & Support
All DRAMS customers receive full systems implementation services and ongoing support via our dedicated Customer Care and Professional Service Teams
In addition to the comprehensive training provided with all systems implementations, DRAMS provides a variety of training services which can be customised to meet your teams exact needs.

DRAMS ERP Integration

DRAMS has a proven track record of working with ERP solutions, such as SAP, IFS Applications, and JD Edwards, to ensure a seamless integration.

Through a custom interface between DRAMS and an existing ERP system, users can ensure that a high-level view of spirit inventory is maintained within the ERP  while the additional details required to complete operational tasks are recorded in DRAMS.

This integration provides multiple layers of visibility, meaning that the wider business functions still retain access to crucial information but that the ongoing management of daily distillery operations is delivered within a system which is designed around the unique processes involved.

DRAMS is 100% focused on bulk stocks and distillery management. We understand that the movement and maturation of spirit is a unique process that demands a truly dedicated software solution. That’s why we first created DRAMS over 50 years ago – and we’ve been improving and expanding it ever since.


For more information about DRAMS and all our products and services, complete the form to speak to a consultant or arrange a demo.


What our
clients say…

Whether your distillery is large or small, near or far, one thing remains the same: our clients love our software and support. But don’t take our word for it; here’s what  they have to say…

Branding Dots
Rab Sorman
I know where every spirit is, how it’s maturing, and how it fits into the bigger picture… this plays a crucial role in future blends
Whisky Stocks and Blending Manager, Glenmorangie
Alistair Paton
It does make such a difference talking to knowledgeable people who have years of experience dealing with our specialised industry and who are always prepared to go the extra mile.
Project Manager, The Tomatin Distillery Co.
Ron Welsh
DRAMS is a great inventory management system. It allows me to quickly analyse the stocks we have and what we can use it for; and allows us to easily allocate to future blends.
Master Blender and Strategic Inventory Manager, Beam Suntory
Christine Leggat
Every piece of spirit that moves within the business is captured within DRAMS.
Stock Controller, Inver House Distillers
John Kerr
The knowledge of DRAMS’ consultants – both of their product and of bulk stock processing as a whole – gave us a solid platform to work from.
Bulk Planner, John Dewar & Sons
Ron Welsh
You need to know exactly what you have and when it becomes of age to put into bottle. For this you require granularity of month by month data.
Master Blender and Strategic Inventory Manager, Beam Suntory
David Jordan
For any warehouse, any floor, rick and level, I can see what stock is there and how much space I have at the push of a button.
Maturing Inventory Manager, Wild Turkey