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During the 2021 DRAMS User Group we demoed a number of product updates and feature enhancements.  A full summary of the new features added to the core DRAMS system can be found here. 

As part of these announcements, we included an update to the DRAMS TTB reporting options. Below is a video demonstration of these new features.

TTB Mail Merge Reporting Options

Previously, the TTB reporting options in DRAMS were limited to summary and detailed reports. This update allows for the approved TTB report format to be created within DRAMS as a template, allowing the report to be completed with the appropriate values each time the report is run.

This update eliminates the need for users to complete the TTB reports manually.

Available in update: 04.35.00

For more information, or to see more of the DRAMS system, use the button below to request a demo. 

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