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In order for producers of spirits to consistently produce high-quality spirits, managers must be able to track distillery stocks and effectively handle the holding of all cased stock from its initial filling or receipt until it is removed from the warehouse or distillery site.

Yet the movement and storage of maturing spirit inventory is a complex process, keeping track of stocks across multiple locations and multiple warehouses is a critical challenge facing warehouse staff and managers.

Bottling rotations must be updated consistently, and managers must have confidence in their data as they keep track of bottling losses and gains, as well as spirit transfers from one bottling rotation to another.

Traditional paper-based methods or even spreadsheet solutions run the high risk of records being hit by inaccurate data and human error. How can managers ensure all their records are based on accurate, up-to-date data that helps inform their critical strategic decision making?

The Solution:

The Cased Goods and Dry Goods modules for DRAMS automatically tracks all stock holdings throughout its lifetime on site. This means managers can easily keep track of all cask movements and spirit transfers, as well as bottling losses or gains.

What is more, the system can also be used to keep track of all the dry goods required to make a finished product. It caters for everything from the ordering of materials and ingredients, through to the despatching of these materials in the production process. Allowances are made for wastage, and adjustments can be applied before the final usage is confirmed.

This means the system ensures spirits producers can consistently meet their production targets and bottling plans, creating great tasting, high quality spirits that customers love. And it also takes a huge administrative burden from the shoulders of managers, as stock management processes are streamlined, and stocks, ingredients and casks can be tracked accurately and effectively.

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