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DRAMS – The Complete Bulk Stock Distillery Management Solution

The movement and storage of maturing spirit inventory is a process with a number of unique challenges which standard stock control packages cannot address. DRAMS has been specifically developed to meet these challenges.

Equipped to control bulk stocks of any spirit from whisky to bourbon, rum to tequila, DRAMS provides a complete profile of available stock and its value, producing key reports and audit trails required by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK, and the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) in North America.

The DRAMS package provides control over multi-location, multiwarehouse environments where stocks may belong to the holding company or to 3rd parties. The system records all spirit movements in barrels or in bulk, keeping a full history of all transactions, including all spirit losses and gains.

Graphical warehouse analysis allows the warehouse manager to optimise the use of available space, while easy to use enquiry screens and blending functions enable the blend team to identify and select the stock which best meets their requirements. Supplied with an extensive range of reports and data extracts, DRAMS empowers finance to accurately cost operations, and provides key stakeholders with a complete overview of their stock.


  • Optimised warehouse management
  • Production of key reports enabling compliance with HMRC/TTB regulatory control over alcohol production
  • Full management of all stock movements
  • Calculation of warehouse rents and production of invoices
  • Tracking of incidents and losses
  • Blend optimisation including automated stock selection
  • Proven links to external cask filling, bar coding and ERP systems
  • Tailored invoice and despatch documents


In addition to the handling of bulk stock, DRAMS is also equipped to record the stock holding of all cased stock from its initial filling or receipt until it is removed from the system. Bottling rotations can be updated to keep track of bottling losses/gains and spirit transfers from one bottling rotation to another.

DRAMS can also be used to keep track of all the dry goods required to make a finished product. It caters for everything from the ordering of the materials, through to the despatching of these materials in the production process. Allowances are made for wastage, and adjustments can be applied before the final usage is confirmed.


A key feature of DRAMS is its scalability from small independent distilleries to large multinationals. Today, DRAMS is used in over 30 distilleries managing stock holdings that range in size from 10,000 to well over 3 million casks.

Present customer sites using DRAMS include those owned by Bacardi, Wm Grant & Sons, Whyte & Mackay, Campari, Beam Inc UK, Inver House Distillers, LVMH, La Martiniquaise, Angus Dundee Distillers, and the North British Distillery. In 2010 the product was successfully installed at the Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky and at the Bacardi Tequila and Rum operations in Puerto Rico and Mexico.



Warehouse Management

  • Detailed inventory, tracking contents and location of every barrel
  • Graphical analysis of racked/palletised warehouses
  • Easy identification of stock by age, type, owner, location, accessibility etc.
  • Warehouse vacuity analysis
  • Production of warehouse rental invoices and accrued rent calculation
  • Interface to bar coding systems

Regulatory Compliance

  • Provides data and audit trails to support W Return and TTB reports
  • Production of despatch documents required by HMRC/TTB
  • Automated upload of despatch data to EMCS in the UK


  • Advanced blend recipe management
  • Automatic selection of stock
  • Generation of picking lists
  • Blend analysis reporting
  • Maturation loss analysis

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