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DRAMScan for DRAMS: The Complete Barrel Scanning Solution

DRAMScan is a cask scanning module for the DRAMS distillery management system that dramatically simplifies the process of recording cask locations and movements, improving accuracy of information and overall warehouse efficiency.

DRAMScan runs on any* wireless hand-held scanner device, linking seamlessly with the DRAMS system. Data is uploaded from the scanner to DRAMS automatically whenever a network connection is established, ensuring accurate and hassle-free transfer of information.

The system has been developed with customer requirements in mind, enabling DRAMS users to easily view any pending transactions, providing details of any casks that have failed validation, and a full transaction history.

DRAMScan eliminates the need to interface with third party scanning solutions, reducing the cost of implementation and ensuring data accuracy.

Additionally, DRAMScan will continue to evolve, with any new functionality made available to all customers under maintenance – mirroring the core DRAMS development approach that has proven so successful.


  • Simple & accurate management of cask locations and movements
  • Eliminate costly cask location and removal errors
  • Maximise effectiveness of workers and warehouse storage
  • Reduce time required for inventory checks
  • Seamlessly integrate scanning technology within DRAMS


  • Fully integrated single solution for DRAMS and handheld banner scanners
  • Automatic, wireless and real-time transfer of data to the stock control system
  • Real-time enquiry from scanner gun to DRAMS
  • No complex transfer of information between DRAMS, third party software and scanners
  • No need to dock guns for data transfer
  • Detailed transaction for improved KPI reporting and operations planning
  • User accounts and security (including customisable role-based menus) managed via same toolset currently used by DRAMS administrators


  • Browser-based approach ensures DRAMScan runs on any platform where a suitable web browser is supported (e.g. Windows Mobile or Android)
  • Compatible with any future hardware that supports a web browser, so no software redevelopment is required when hardware becomes obsolete
  • System upgrades can be made available without updating individual scanner guns
  • Single, fully integrated solution means that all data exists in one place – ensuring accuracy of information; and simple, efficient data maintenance
  • Supported by the Trapeze DRAMS team, which has a proven record of providing excellent customer service
  • Single point of contact for scanning development if DRAMS is used as the stock control system

* Scanner must support an HTML5 compatible web browser

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