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Is your organisation relying on ageing technology? Perhaps your current software supplier is no longer actively developing, or focuses on other sectors. Or perhaps your system was developed in-house many years ago, and most of the team that worked on it have since departed.

In many ways, reliance on ageing technology can be likened to creeping towards a cliff – but in the dark, since you don’t actually know when an issue might strike. The cliff edge may be right in front of you, or it could be a few hundred metres away.

But it is there – and you really don’t want to fall off it.

Approaching a technology cliff presents several risks, including potential removal of support, stifled product innovation, staff skills gaps, and distraction for key staff close to the issue.

One of our customers found themselves in a similar situation a few years ago, when they decided to replace an in-house system with a dedicated bulk stock control solution for Scotch whisky and other maturing spirits worldwide.

This was an unusual process since there was nothing especially wrong with the system they had: it worked fairly well on a day-to-day basis. However, our client knew the technology cliff was out there somewhere, and the team were determined to take proactive steps on their own terms.

In the event, we were able to deliver a solution which improved on what they had been using before – and crucially, offered the long term security of technology developed and supported by a dedicated supplier that truly understands the maturing spirit sector.

The client has never looked back, and concerns over the technology cliff are long since gone.

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