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We have previously written on the topic of innovation, and how it requires input from a wide range of individuals and perspectives.

Innovation isn’t about having lots of ideas; it’s about having the right ideas but it can be difficult to come up with genuinely new ideas in the first place. It can also be a challenge to identify the right ideas to take forward.

One of the greatest strengths of modern technology is its ability to connect people from all over the world to exchange ideas. However, when it comes to challenging and developing these ideas, and then shaping them into actual technology solutions, nothing beats an in-person meeting attended by a group of enthusiastic, like-minded individuals.


This is why we have chosen to focus our 2019 DRAMS User Group on innovation, calling it The Ideas Factory.


The DRAMS annual user group is typically a highly anticipated event where many of our customers come together to discuss industry insights, while also getting the latest DRAMS news and product updates. During the afternoon of this event, attendees will break out into small groups, each focusing on a particular user role (finance, warehousing, IT etc.), and users will together delve into the industry specific challenges they face that DRAMS could potentially help with and the areas of the existing distillery record and management system which could be improved.


At Trapeze we believe our history of listening to our customers is one the main reasons the DRAMS product has been successful. With The Ideas Factory, we aim to expand this approach, offering a platform for our customers to collaborate on ways to further improve their working lives. We can’t wait!


Missed out on the most recent annual user group? Don’t keep your ideas bottled up to the next one. We are always interested to hear the ideas of our customers and other industry leader. Our DRAMS Services page, outlines the various ways we can support you to take your idea into development or how you can collaborate with others in our Special Interest Groups. For more information, visit our Services Catalogue or speak to a consultant today.  

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