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When speaking with prospective customers we occasionally hear of the organisation’s existing ERP solution as a possible reason not to invest in DRAMS. This viewpoint betrays a misconception regarding what exactly a bespoke distillery management solution does, and how it works within the overall operations management framework.

The truth is that as valuable as ERP systems are, they lack the detail required for accurate bulk stocks management. Generic ERP systems do not provide distillery managers with access to centralised cask level information, so don’t provide visibility of location, content and value for every cask in the warehouse. As a result, tasks take longer than they should, and costly mistakes can easily occur.

ERP systems of course have their place, but they are no substitute for a specialised bulk inventory and distillery warehouse management solution.

If you have an existing ERP system and wish to improve warehouse operations, the best approach is to invest in a complementary solution designed to meet the unique requirements of maturing spirit producers. Ideally that system will be fully integrated with your ERP, with information seamlessly flowing between the two.

This is why DRAMS already integrates with most major ERP systems – and we’d be delighted to work with yours!

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