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The DRAMS system is a treasure trove of distillery data. Every day, barrel loads of information are created and recorded within the system: data which is essential for understanding current business performance and for planning for the future.

But even with the hundreds of reports which are currently provided with the core DRAMS system, accessing the true value of this data in a way which helps all areas of the operation make better decisions can be a challenge.

From Senior Management to Warehouse Operators, the problem is not a lack of information. Instead, it is an inability to easily access critical insights with enough time to positively influence the outcome.

So, in order to bring advance analytics and real-time reporting to the distillery industry, DRAMS announce the launch of our Business Intelligence module.


Here is everything you need to know about DRAMS BI:


What is DRAMS BI?


The DRAMS Business Intelligence Module is a new report writing and dashboarding tool. Integrating directly with the DRAMS system, it offers access to spirit inventory and transaction data in real-time and improves the analysis of operations feeding into long term decision making.

DRAMS BI provides immediate access to various data sources contained within the system, including: Spirit Inventory, the DRAMS Transaction Ledger, Barcode Scanning Activity, Wood Inventory, Cooperage Activity, Cask Filling Activities, Planned Activities as well as Warehouse Capacity details.




The DRAMS solution provides a multitude of standard reports, but some users find that bringing these static reports together in order to surface key insights can be a laborious process.

While third-party reporting tools could be used, it is often a time-consuming and technical process to integrate these with distillery data in a way which produces meaningful insights.

However, with the seamless integration of DRAMS BI, our Reporting Wizard, takes users step-by-step through the report building process, providing immediate access to distillery data and simplifying the process of surfacing key insights.

Additionally, the real-time updates to dashboard data also eliminates the need for users to manually generate the required reports each day, week or month, drastically reducing the time spent compiling reports.

By providing the ability to compile real-time distillery data into live dashboards, DRAMS BI allows spirit producers to completely redesign operational reporting and to ensure the smooth running of distillery performance.


Who is DRAMS BI for? 


Providing access to an extensive supply of standard reporting widgets and dashboards as well as the custom report building tool, DRAMS BI has something for everyone.


DRAMS BI for Spirit Supply Teams 


DRAMS BI enables Spirit Supply Teams to meet long-term strategic as well as short-term supply goals.

Leveraging the information contained within the DRAMS system, these users can quickly identify and assess current performance and its impact on future supply.

For example, with DRAMS BI, Spirit Supply Teams can:

  • Monitor the volume of spirit produced each month for peaks or troughs.
  • Compare the volume of spirit produced to the volume moved into inventory each month.
  • Track the volume of spirit filled into each wood type each month.
  • Identify the current balance of empty wood stocks.
  • Take a long-term view of planned tanker movements, dump and fill operations.

DRAMS BI for Operations


DRAMS BI provides Operations with the information needed to ensure ongoing delivery is aligned with planned objectives and any issues preventing this are highlighted and addressed.

Using multiple custom dashboards and reports, Operations can:

  • Gain insights into scheduled activities and progress such as the number of to be barrels filled or dumped.
  • Be alerted to problems in real-time such as downed filling lines.
  • Monitor key performance indicators such as the number of barrels moved, tankers despatched, or scans performed by warehouse operator.
  • Receive status updates such as the number of casks still to be put away, in the reject bay or in transit.


DRAMS BI for Senior Management


DRAMS BI provides Senior Management with the reports necessary to ensure that distillery performance and spirit production aligns with the long-term business objectives and that team and plant utilisation remains effective.

Many of the metrics used by Operations and Spirit Supply Teams are also essential to Senior Management, using DRAMS BI to plot these insights over time, trends can be analysed, and current performance compared against set targets to drive continuous improvements.

For example:

  • Dump and Fill line utilisation compared to targets.
  • Number of Tankers processed and despatched.
  • Barrels filled and disgorged compared to targets.
  • Analysis of empty wood for supplier accountability.

When will DRAMS BI be Available? 


Launching as a new module, the DRAMS Business Intelligence toolset will be available to both new and existing customers from March 2021. 


How can you access DRAMS BI?


As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the DRAMS product and services, a sub-set of the DRAMS BI functionality will be made available with DRAMS Web solutions, providing a variety of additional standard reports and introductory dashboarding capabilities.

To showcase these changes to the core DRAMS solution and as well as introducing the new Business Intelligence Module, we will be releasing new information over the coming weeks.


Register your interest to receive the latest information and advance notice about the upcoming product launch.


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